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Field: canvassing, voter contact, signature gathering

We know how much work it takes to build a metrics-driven, goal-focused, and agile field program. Staff recruitment, payroll, operations requests, data management, and developing reporting systems are just the beginning of the challenges that we handle before a single door is knocked. Our management staff spends time daily with field staff, getting feedback on all levels of the operation to ensure we have a full 360-degree picture of the program. Finding quality and reliable field staff is at the core of what we do.  We know that building quality field teams that can produce quality conversations with voters is impossible if the canvass staff does not feel valued. This is why we offer very competitive wages and recruit staff who have experience canvassing and actually enjoy the work.

Consulting, Data & Planning

The Landslide Political team has years of experience consulting large, medium, and small efforts. From building teams and managing campaigns to developing complex strategies and narrowing down messaging. Because we are in it together, we don’t sugar coat our advice, we tell you how it is. What data to use, how to interpret it, and how to track data gathered is key to the success of any effort. Our team has developed targets which included modeling scores, data gathered from previous canvasses, and the most updated voter file. Landslide Political has partnered with national organizations to provide you with the latest on progress to goal tracking and data visualization. Our team has the needed experience to build your campaign plan from beginning to end. A good plan will maximize your resources during the time you need it most, while focusing on what is important. 

Targeted Digital Ads, Direct Mail & Design

Targeted Digital Ads are key when you want your efforts remembered. Digital ads allow you to target specific individuals with message to increase name ID or to call to action. We have a great deal of experience layering your target with digital message before doors are knocked (which increases contact rates) or after to prevent attrition and increase recall. Direct Mail is a great tool to reach to thousands of people within a few days. But direct mail has its pros and cons too. It is relatively cheap, and it is fast, but the recall is low. Direct mail is successful when used in conjunction with other message layering. Landslide Political had a great deal of success when creating un-common personalized mail that stands out. The Landslide Political team has a great deal of experience with Design that fits all campaigns. Political design isn’t just like any other product-based design, we understand it and we are good at it. 

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